Choose It Yourself Workshops


Choose It Yourself Health Education Skill Shops!

What are they?

Health education presentations created by Peer Health Educators (students) for students (with a little help from doctors and nurses!) on topics our campus community thinks are important!

How do I sign up!?

Click here for a calendar!

Stress in Wonderland  - A relaxing workshop that covers all the ins and outs of the stress and anxiety that you may be feeling in your life. This includes the types of stress one may feel and many different healthy and productive ways to combat those stressors. 

Thursday, February 18th @ 3pm

Thursday, March 18th @ 3pm

Motivation Methods: Organization as a Motivation BoosterWe will go over how motivation works, discuss different things that might interfere with motivation, and explore ways to maintain motivation through time management and organization; lets stay on top of our daily tasks and activities!

Friday, February 19th @ 2pm

Friday, March 19th @ 2pm

Sleep Made Simple Learn how to get to sleep, stay asleep,a nd sleep better. Find out what may be causing your sleep problems, and develop a routine around sleep to help.

Wednesday, February 17th @ 3:30pm

Wednesday, March 17th @ 3:30pm

Shameless Sexual Health An uplifting workshop covering topics ranging from birth control to STI information and preventative practices to healthy communication to Humboldt County resources!

Thursday, February 11th @ 2pm


Tuesday, March 9th @ 12pm

Developing A Better Relationship with Food and Your BodyLets sit down for this hour long CIY and learn about how we can better develop a positive relationship with food and out body. We will also better understand social medias influence on our perception of self, and how to work on being better!

Thursday, February 18th @ 11am

Tuesday, March 23rd @ 11am

A Guide to Self Sufficient WellbeingThis workshop will leave you feeling empowered and give you the tools to be your best self while living through a pandemic and systemic injustices.

Friday, March 12th @ 11am

Friday, March 19th @11am