Choose It Yourself Workshops


Choose It Yourself Health Education Skill Shops!

What are they?

Health education presentations created by Peer Health Educators (students) for students (with a little help from doctors and nurses!) on topics our campus community thinks are important!

How do I sign up!?

Click here for a calendar!

Getting Motivated / Keep It Going   - 1 hour long presentation - Hosted by peer health- Finding and learning various tools to help get motivated and stay motivated.

I'm So Tide of StressAre you tired of stress? So are we! Join us in exploring the symptoms of stress and discovering healthy and effective mechanisms to lessen your stressors.

Deep Sleep A simple guide to what restful sleep really is and how you can go about getting more of it!

Reeling in Sexual HealthWe will provide a general education on STIs, destigmatize talking about STIs, educate on ways to prevent and protect against STIs, and educate students on STI screening and other sexual health resources on campus.

Overcoming Homesickness - Homesickness is experienced by most people at some point in their life and is a common feeling among college students. If you are feeling homesick, you are not alone! In this 50 minutes interactive discussion, we will be going over what is homesickness, why we get homesick, and how to cope and overcome this feeling

Basics Of Basic Needs ResourcesCome learn about CalFresh, our on campus food pantry, the emergency housing program, and other awesome things Humboldt does to support your basic needs!

Hooked on Drug Education We will discuss ways to use AOD in a safe way through harm reduction strategies, learn to develop a "party plan" around drug use for safety, and provide resources on/off campus for safe drug use and addiction. We will also include posts/other media around specific drugs and on/offcampus resources.